AZ Libris Show 2019

AZ LIBRIS SHOW 2019, presented its cultural activity in the city of North Miami, Florida.

Cultural activity that was framed with the presence of young artistic talents, both in music and in literature. One more year of various literary presentations, with national and international authors, who offered their lectures to the attending public, with the subsequent signing of books. More than 30 works on display: Novels, stories, so many fiction and non-fiction, poetry, general culture, personal and educational help, among others.

It is worth noting the musical interventions, these presentations were awarded with songs and folk music from Colombia, as well as instrumental interventions and singers with a trajectory and international recognition.

Activity that closed with the delivery of 4 altruistic awards and recognitions AZ Libris Show 2019, in the literary field to Orestes A. Pérez - Cuba, artistic to Jorge Triana - Cuba, social to Sayonara Cantillo / A Day with Bereshit - Colombia and cultural to Ricardo Calderón R - Peru.

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