AZ Libris Show 2018

AZ LIBRIS SHOW 2018, presented its cultural activity in the city of Coconut Grove, Florida.
Dia framed with literary presentations, national and international authors, conferences, literary talks, sale of books and musical presentations, with artists of international recognition and trajectory; as well as the participation of publishing companies and cultural and literary organizations from south florida.

More than 20 tables on display, which brought to the public assistant literary works in all genres and for all ages; compendium that constituted in more 70 titles; authors awards for prestigious literary career.

Musical presentations, with voices and rhythms that animated the cultural day in an unparalleled way; in charge of musicians and singers from Argentina, Cuba and the United States.
There were lectures, of international stature, with topics of social interest, such as: The hidden power of stones and infidelity.

Activity that closed with the delivery of altruistic recognitions in the literary field to Mery Larrinua, artistic to Donato Poveda and cultural to Vivian Pérez / Art Emporium Cultural Center.

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