AZ Libris Show 2017

The V International Literary and Cultural Meeting took the second time as the epicenter City of Cartagena de Indias from 28 to 30 from September of year 2017.

His initiative was aimed at promoting and supporting in an altruistic way art, literature, music and creative writing in children and young people; called to all the literati, groups of dances and Colombian artists; in order to contribute to the cultural development of Cartagena society.

This year's version included for the first time the first Journalistic Forum "for responsible journalism" and the launching of the first literary contest for young people and adolescents at school and university.

Throughout 30 days after the official event and during it, six cultural activities were carried out:

1er CULTURAL LITERARY LITERARY COMPETITION, free registration for all young people of school and university age; in order to motivate them and develop their literary skills in them.

THE LITERARY FAIR, headquarters of the Fine Arts School; open to all public. It counted with the participation, present and virtual, of national and international writers, where lectures, recitals of poets, exhibition and sales of books were offered; besides a number of presentations of dances, singing and puppets.

SAMPLE OF NATIONAL PLASTIC ARTISTS, venue The Fine Arts School; open to all public.

CONFERENCE CYCLE, taught in colleges and universities of the city of Cartagena, of which writers and artists were part.

THE JOURNALISM FORUM "FOR A RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM" was held at the University of Cartagena on September 29; panelists: Antonio Angulo, producer and director of TV.

- Aníbal Teherán, social communicator, with more than 15 years of experience and Jorge Márquez, who has more than 20 years of experience as a radio, tv and press journalist.

CULTURE AT THE PARK, event where musical and artistic presentations were made over two days in local parks in the historic center of Cartagena.

Recognition was given to altruistic Cartageneros and National characters, with the delivery of four (4) altruistic prizes in the fields: Literary, Cultural, Social and Artistic.

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