AZ Libris Show 2016

Summary of the 4to Meeting AZ Libris Show

Made in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. The 11, 12 and 13 days of October of 2016. We have the presence of ten (10) pianists, two (2) musical groups, one (1) dance presentation, two (2) speakers, more than one hundred (100) presented literary works, four (4) delivered altruistic awards, and 16 stands mounted.

Foreign writers and lecturers, shared their stories and professionalism, with the community and the student public; of the Colegio Mayor de Bolívar and the Autonomous University of Nariño. It was attended by singers and local dances, pianists and musicians; the social media (Radio, Print and Television) said present and massively supported this cultural event.

They presented and exhibited more than fifty (50) literary works, by national and foreign authors; which many of them were donated to the Library of the Autonomous University of Nariño (Cartagena Headquarters), one of the sponsoring institutions of the event.

Literary works were presented within the framework of poetry, essay and narrative, with topics of social interest, investigative, journalistic, and also other family, cultural, fiction and self-help novels.

Recognition was made of altruistic Cartagena and national characters, with the delivery of four (4) altruistic awards in the fields: Literary, Cultural, Social and artistic.


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