AZ Libris Show 2015

Summary of the 3er Meeting AZ Libris Show

Made in the city of El Doral, Florida, USA, the 12 day of September of 2015. We have the presence of two (2) speakers, two (2) plastic artists, 25 presented literary works, four (4) delivered altruistic awards and 16 mounted tables.

Writers (Americans and Hispanics), lecturers, singers, craftsmen, actors and Hispanic artists of different nationalities, both local and international said present. As well as publishing houses, literary associations, social foundations, social media (radio, print and television) and sponsors

Literary works in the framework of poetry, essay and narrative, with topics of social interest, investigative, journalistic, and also other family, cultural, as well as fiction and self-help novels.

Invited international speakers, shared their knowledge and experiences on topics such as:

  • Throw Away Society
  • Music: The language of the universe
  • Beyond the Secrets: The ancient world of civilizations

Delivery of 4 altruistic prizes to characters of the literary, cultural, artistic and social society.