II Cultural Feature Contest

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First place

Natalia López Merlano

"My world"

Segundo Lugar

Yelson Manuel Guzmán

"Believe: the invincible power of Luciana"

Third place

Valentina Florez

"Clock tower"


Hassan Barros Vásques


Deimer by Jesus Monterrosa

"Delusions of awakening"

Maria F. Bossa Castillo

"I would like"

Yanina Bravo

"Echoes of 4 lyrics!"

Isaiah Pastrana Arrieta


Yohisa Lorduy Guerrero


Agustín Salas Padilla


Francesca Guerrero Salas

"The woman of your dreams"

Maria Angelica Mesa

"The Unexpected Arrived"

Carlos D. Pepper A.

"Positive psychology: Perseverance"

William E. Acosta