III Cultural Plume Contest

FeatherIII_1 (2)


First place

Angie Paola Martínez C.

"From the buses to the lines"

Segundo Lugar

Daniela Julio Hernandez

"Talking to the Stars"

Third place

Kelly Johana Gastelbondo R.

"The Beginning of Sextans"


Daniela Solano Gómez

Honorable Mention

"Mellenials: Our generation of Change"

Omar Andrés Arias L.

"Your life in my sonotina"

Luis Felipe Ballesteros A


Maria de los A. Barrera

"After a dream, uncertainty"

José Luis Benítez López.

"Remembering our date"

Nicolas David. White D.

"I didn't expect that from you"

Cristin H. Cabarcas T.

"Reality in the nude"

Nataly Davila Salgado

"Poem to happiness"

Arnold Andrés Herrera

"The forgotten purpose"

Daniel José Jiménez R.

"Desperate Flowers"

Lorena Julio Berrío

"Un Simple: I like you"

Sandra Patricia Mora M.


Samaris Morales Jacinto


Liliana Patricia Palencia

"Beyond the visible"

Patricia Carolina Sánchez

"Grandparents game"